coreDS™ is a multi-platform C/C++ API to rapidly connect with a HLA Federation or a DIS simulation.

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coreDS™ Python

Bring HLA and DIS support to your Python code

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coreDS™ Unreal

coreDS™ Unreal allows for easy deployment of HLA and/or DIS enabled games

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coreDS™ X-Plane

The coreDS for X-Plane is a X-Plane plugin that turns your X-Plane flight simulator into a full featured HLA federate and/or DIS simulation

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coreDS™ FMI (Functional Mock-up Interface)

Turn your FMI/FMU model into a HLA federate or a DIS node

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coreDS™ C#

C# version of the coreDS API. Bring HLA and DIS support to your C# softwares

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