Connecting to a HLA Federation or a DIS simulation is a challenging ordeal. coreDS™ as a multi-platform C/C++ API is a key enabler that helps you integrate HLA and DIS into your simulator applications.

coreDS™ revolves around the philosophy “Code once and forget”, giving you the capability of changing your simulation, your RTI provider, your datatypes or even your data units without the hassle of recompiling your code.

coreDS™ provides an extensive feature set that eases the integration process, allowing for reduced implementation time, flexibility and highly customizable simulation behaviour.

The coreDS™ API features comprise configurations GUIs, data encoding schemes, a powerful scripting engine, rate-limiting capability, integrated dead reckoning, local input interpolation and output extrapolation and more!

We provide the ultimate connector, you focus on your simulation!


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Main features

  • Cost-effective solution using proven technologies: save time and money
  • Provides configuration GUIs
  • Switch configuration at runtime (from HLA to DIS, or to a new set of mapping, or FOM, or anything you can think of) - proper licensing required
  • Lightweight scripting engine (LUA) to do on-the-fly data conversion, reply to messages or update objects
  • Data mapping at run time - Change your FOM file or PDU mapping on the fly
  • Automatic data encoding/decoding
  • Supports DIS 4-5-6-7 (with custom PDU support), HLA 1.3, 1516 and 1516e (FOM agile) - All RTI are supported, including OpenSource
  • No code generation
  • Don't re-invent the wheel, we took care of it.

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