coreDS™ Python


coreDS™ Python provides an elegant and cost-effective solution to connect your Python code to a HLA federation and/or DIS simulation.

Since coreDS™ Python is supported by the coreDS™ technology, it supports all RTI, all HLA versions, all DIS version and PDUs. You can configuration everything at run-time using our full featured GUIs.

Using our High-Level API, you need about 5 lines of Python code to turn your program into a full-featured HLA and/or DIS simulator. You now have the ability to use the full power of the Python programming language to interact with a HLA federation or a DIS simulation.

If you want full control over your HLA and/or DIS connection, all the calls and callback have been reimplemented in Python - there are no limitations!

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Main features

  • Cost effective solution using proven technologies: save time and money
  • Provides configuration GUIs
  • Switch configuration at runtime (from HLA to DIS, or to a new set of mapping, or FOM, or anything you can think of)
  • Data mapping at run time. Change your FOM file or PDU mapping on the fly
  • Automatic data encoding/decoding
  • Supports DIS 4-5-6 (with custom PDU support), HLA 1.3, 1516 and 1516e (FOM agile) - All RTI are supported, including OpenSource
  • No code generation
  • Don't re-invent the wheel, we took care of it.

coreDS Python supports Python 3.5 and up.

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