coreDS™ Unreal


coreDS™ Unreal allows for easy deployment of HLA and/or DIS enabled games. Integrate once and support HLA and DIS without any other modifications.


Connecting to a HLA Federation or a DIS simulation is a challenging ordeal. coreDS™ Unreal is a key enabler that helps you integrate HLA and DIS into your simulator applications.

coreDS™ provides an extensive feature set that eases the integration process, allowing for reduced implementation time, flexibility and highly customizable simulation behaviour.

The coreDS™ Unreal features comprise configurations GUIs, data encoding schemes, a powerful scripting engine, rate-limiting capability, integrated dead reckoning, local input interpolation and output extrapolation and more!

coreDS™ Unreal allows complete control over your HLA and DIS connection either:

* Through the editor (view a complete example here)

* Using the Blueprint Visual Scripting language (view a complete example here)

* Using the C++ framework (view a complete example here)

We provide the ultimate connector, you focus on your simulation!



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Main features

  • Supports Unreal Engine 4.22+ and Unreal Engine 5
  • Provides configuration GUIs
  • Switch configuration at runtime (from HLA to DIS, or to a new set of mapping, or FOM, or anything you can think of) - proper licensing required
  • Data mapping at run time - Change your FOM file or PDU mapping on the fly, no compilation required
  • Automatic data encoding/decoding
  • HLA 1.3, 1516 and 1516e (FOM agile) - All RTI are supported, including OpenSource
  • Supports DIS 4-5-6-7 (with custom PDU support)
  • No code generation

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