coreDS™ for FMI – What’s new in version 1.5

coreDS™ for FMI – What’s new in version 1.5

We are pleased to announce the availability of coreDSTM for FMI v1.5

This new version allows more control over the FMU’s behaviours.

  • More streamlined UI
  • FMU can now be used in both input and output mapping — meaning you can now receive information from your federation into your FMU
  • FMU’s variable can now be edited in real time from the Variables pane
  • Added a new option to run the FMU in real time — meaning coreDSTM for FMI will wait time-step seconds before calling doStep() again
  • Improved installer
  • New samples

coreDSTM for FMI v1.5 also use an updated version of coreDSTM that brings an updated LUA debugged, the ability to discover everything from the federation and make them available to the scripting engine.

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