New product launch : coreDS™ Java

New product launch : coreDS™ Java announces new product launch coreDS Java

brings the HLA/DIS rapid integration library to the JAVA programming Language is proud to announce the immediate availability of its new coreDS™ Java product, a HLA/DIS rapid integration library for Java.

Distributed simulation integration can become a challenging ordeal. coreDS™ Java is a key enabler that will help you integrate HLA and DIS into your simulator applications.

Developed in collaboration with a major Canadian Defence’s contrator, coreDS™ Java provides an extensive feature set that eases the integration process, allowing for reduced implementation time, as well as flexibility, and highly customizable simulation behaviour.

In a time where programmers and distributed simulation experts are rare, you can now rely on coreDS™ Java to streamline adding HLA and DIS support to your software.

coreDS™ Java revolves around our philosophy “Code once and forget”, giving you the capability of changing your simulation, your RTI provider, your datatypes or even your data units without the hassle of recompiling your code. Built using the same proven technology as our other products like coreDS™ Unreal and coreDS™  X-Plane, used worldwide, the release of coreDS™ Java brings new capabilities to the Java world.

“Having the ability to add support for standardized distributed simulation protocols without having to learn all the inner details of the protocol, rapidly and in a cost-effective manner can help companies reach the defence industry more easily” said Jean-Philippe Lebel, CEO.