What is a RTI? products are built with interoperability in mind meaning we support any RTI (Run-Time infrastructure) – even is they are non-compliant. The RTI is a middleware that manages all the communications (including time synchronization and time management) between all the participants (usually named a Federate) in distributed simulation session (usually named…

What is HLA?

What is HLA? The high-level architecture (HLA) is a general purpose architecture for distributed computer simulation systems. Using HLA, computer simulations can interact (that is, to communicate data, and to synchronize actions) with other computer simulations regardless of the computing platforms. HLA is an interoperability standard for distributed simulation used…

What is DIS?

What is DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation)? Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) is an IEEE standard for conducting real-time platform-level wargaming across multiple host computers and is used worldwide, especially by military organizations but also by other agencies such as those involved in space exploration and medicine.

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